Every Heart

is it love that I’m feeling
or is this only pain
I’m starting to get the feeling
that when it comes to you
they’re one and the same

if there’s one thing i know
it’s that I’ll never let you go
every heart has got a hole
like the window to the soul
I can see just what you’re hiding
cuz you let your feelings show
cuz you’re cryin as you’re walkin out the door

you said you had to find yourself your freedom
I knew that you’d be back again
cuz everybody needs someone to hold on to
when they’ve reached the end
of their rope

I don’t know what it is about you
but since the first time that I looked into your eyes
I knew that I had finally found her
the one that I’ve been missing all my life

I just want to make love to you
until this bitter ache is gone
I’ll wait as long as I have to
Till you’re back inside my arms