Original Music by Sampson and Stone

About the Band
As a kid in Chicago, guitarist David Sampson used to cry because he wasn’t black. 2,000 miles away, singer Ethan Stone grew up running naked with the hippies of Santa Cruz, CA, clueless to the fact that he was black until it was later explained to him by a friend during his formative years at Princeton University.

Mr. Sampson would go on to perform with artists including Craig Robinson, Lauren Hill, John Legend. Mr. Stone became an actor landing roles in such shows as CSI Miami, the Last Ship, Childrens’ Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and as the spokesperson for Mercury insurance.

One fateful night at an elite all black mixer in Beverly Hills, Stone noticed this white dude (Sampson) fitting in better than him while Sampson noticed this dude Stone with the hottest date at the party. Sampson, a disciple of Hendrix, and Stone, a student of Clapton, began talking and almost immediatly convinced each other to form the band Sampson and Stone, united by the goal of creating a universal sound to sweeten ears of every hue and shade across all lands and seas.

Their debut self titled album is the first chapter of their journey.

There is no telling what the future holds for Sampson & Stone. The only certainty is that you will play a role in it.

Below is a sneak peak of Sampson & Stone’s debut self titled album

1. Wasting Time by Sampson & Stone

2. Drink ’til I’m Thirsty by Sampson & Stone

3. Searching For a Woman by Sampson & Stone

4. She’s Out There by Sampson & Stone

5. Kisses In the Wind by Sampson & Stone

6. Blues 4 You by Sampson & Stone

7. Scotch on the Rocks by Sampson & Stone

8. Lift Me Up by Sampson & Stone

9. If You Want Me to Stay by Sampson & Stone

10. California Dreamin’ by Sampson & Stone

11. The Way I’m Feeling by Sampson & Stone

12. Around The World by Sampson & Stone

13. Old Man Dan by Sampson & Stone


David Sampson – Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Programming
Ethan Stone – Lead Vocals
Asa Watkins – Drums 1,4,8,11
Vashon Johnson – Bass 1,2
Brian Charette – Keyboards 1,4
Ethan Edwards – Additional Keyboards 1
Lyndon Rochelle – Drums 2,3,6
Urie Norris III- Keyboards 3
Leonard Jarman Jr – Keyboards, Strings 5
Gene Coye – Drums 5
E. Raymond Brown – Bass 6
Mark Gozman – Keyboards, Production 11
Winston Byrd – Drums 9,12 Trumpet 7,8,12
Arean Alston – Keyboards 8,12
Andy Sanesi – Drums 7

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