Poetry by Ethan Stone

Heaven’s Bridge by Ethan Stone

Take me to the place
where everything is music
Where the dance goes on forever
like there was nothing to it
Where pain is just the way
to a deeper sense of beauty
Where the laws I must obey
Are the ones that set me free
Where star flowers bloom
In the black earth of my soul
And darkness comes to life
In the death of my ego
Take me to the bridge
Between the imagined and the real
And let me dive into the cosmos
To see how heaven feels
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Crystal Ship by Ethan Stone

upon a crystal ship with silver wings
he slips boldly through the seamless night
dancing on a sea of dreams
yearning for his lover’s light

a soul that she has never known
yet born from the spirit of her ache
into the night she sweetly sings
and gently dreams her love awake


PRISM by Ethan Stone

feel the rhythm in your soul, let it go
everybody that you know you are so
rock your body to the cosmos, ego
expand your mind until you explode implode
ecstasy beyond all reason, breath in
“rhythm is life and life is rhythm,” livin
free the light that you’ve been given, PRISM


One Love by Ethan Stone

You me we infinity one
from the darkest void to the brightest sun,
the game is never lost or won,
but only played for the sake of fun.
For you are God and so am I
and the God in us can never die,
but only leap from eye to eye
to gaze in wonder at the sky.
Listen to your heart and you will know
to love thy friend and love thy foe
is to love thyself so thyself may grow
to love all that though art blessed to know.


Free by Ethan Stone

Today, I let go of myself and with all my heart embrace you.
For it is your love that makes me and my only wish is to thank you.
And with whatever love you gain from me, embrace another and set me free
and in this way we shall always be alive in a state of love.


Infinity One by Ethan Stone

As i give up my desire to control you
I expand my consciousness to include you.
As I gaze into the mirror I see you.
As I look into your eyes I see myself.
As I reach into myself I feel the sun
You, me, we, infinity, one.

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Love in the Immaterial Realm by Ethan Stone
(to David, Frank, Natasha, Maya, and Whitney, without whom this poem could not exist)

Love in the immaterial realm
where patterns dance across moonlit tides
A crystal heart drives the helm
Towards a land no eyes have ever seen
The sacred dream folds time and space
to a place beyond the reach of doom
where the infinite victory of fearless art
Shines eternal as the moon
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As Long as it Takes by Ethan Stone

I could look into a sea of women
And instantly know that you are not there
But in the same moment I could rejoice
Because I carry you with me everywhere
my love, you mean more to me than time
That is why I will wait as long as it takes
For the day you will say that you will be mine
I Commit to the Good Cause by Ethan Stone

I commit to the good cause
Because she forgives me for all of my flaws
and all that’s left is the good she sees in me
she is the cause of the man I want to be

With a kiss on the cheek she made me her knight
silently sworn to fight the good fight
to protect, to serve, to do what is right
My heart is a crystal filled with her light

The journey is long and barely begun.
The challenges great and I am but one.
But if I should falter, stumble, or fall,
She gives me the strength to fight for us all.
Love Myself by Ethan Stone

I’m afraid that I am still
a ways away from being ok
really hope that you don’t take it
too personally if I stay away
because you really cut me deeply
and it really isn’t easy
to put myself together
when you left me so completely
no I’m not blaming you
cuz it was my fault too
things fall fall apart
thats just what they do

so god bless no stress
I may be feelin hopeless
but I’ve got no regrets
and I wish you the best
goodbye is so much easier
to say than to hear
so I’ll say goodbye to the years
and the tears as they fall
from my eyes to my cheek
without any sound
some dry up
and some hit the ground
I guess whatever goes up must come down
And Maybe I do miss havin you round
So strange to feel so lonely in this crowded town

I’m feelin better as I think that someones listening
even if it’s just me hearing the words that I’m singing
I may be lonely cuz I aint got nobody else
but someone loves me long as I remember to love myself.
Fortunate Dust by Ethan Stone

If we must die, and die we must, let us live and give ’till we turn into dust. For this life is worth more than a fortune can pay; and our fortune’s are worthless until given away.
EGO INC. by Ethan Stone
I am the bridge between the imagined and the real; I am what happens when what if becomes what is. I am the momentum of movement in motion; I am an ocean of emotion that ebs and flows to the music of the cosmos. I am you, explode; we are one, implode. the lesson we unite and divide by perception. The body of the universe is no more or less than the space where souls are rested and resurrected. Time is a question tested. The answer to the question is that the question is the answer. To connect the question to the moment is to be alive with power. To release time and question is to give in to peace. To answer the question from every direction of time and space is enlightenment. Enlightenment is the pure light of truth. To radiate truth it to be a creator. Creators united are the building blocks of everything that matters, and there is no emptiness they cannot fill, no darkness they cannot bring to light. The true potential of the universe lies in the power of co-creation.
eye magi Nation by Ethan Stone

Having arrived at last at the present moment, eye magi Nation all creation in free celebration. losing myself to move myself to love you as I love myself our peace of mind aligned in a cosmic combination, unlocks the very heartbeat of the universes radiation. United by the commonality of insistence on existence we bend our will till time stands still in the singularity of this sacred instance. May the world be overwhelmed by peace and love and may we cherish life’s only gift, the present.
Carpe Fatum by Ethan Stone

Like it or not you get what you’ve given
so you can make the choice to give up or give in
But you won’t go no where unless you are driven
to take what is yours and really start livin

This town is full of actors dreamin they gon make it
hit the bars and hit the clubs and do their best to fake it
and while they’re busy partying I simply fuckin take it
and when they find me on the throne they’re too afraid to say shit

cuz I work in my sleep, that’s why I’m livin my dreams
I live without patience cuz I was born to be King
I was hungry from the start and now they start believen
even got these haters talkin bout what I’m acheivin

But I got love for every one till the day my heart stops beatin
Cuz I know that we are one, though it may seem like we’re competing
Only thing I know fo sho is that I’m alive and breathin
And that times may change, but people don’t.
That’s why History’s repeating.

remembering the names of those who changed the course of time
Nirvana comes to those who leave the world Sublime
Hamlet suffered in the flesh to earn peace of mind
Jesus was just a man His Spirit was divine
forgive the fallen lead the climb
out of the darkness
seek and find
follow your
heart and
learn to

My world
is your
Is Mine
Release Me by Ethan Stone

Well it’s 1, 2, 3 am
and I’m lying awake in bed again
waiting for a dream that never comes
like emptiness that never ends

I check her posts from time to time
when I’m online they make my smile
But long unanswered is the note I sent
that says my love it’s been a while

It’s not as if I feel alone
It’s like I don’t exist at all
Her voicemail message mocking me
as I collapse against the wall

I want so much to strike a chord
so black it wraps the world in endless night
But long enough I’ve lived to know
that love alone can set things right

I know now that I must move on
and give up what I gave away
after all there is just destiny
the rest is just a memory

Oh universe, release me from
the spell that bound my heart to hers
and may we both find happiness
elsewhere on this lonely earth