QSC Basix Package

Speaker Rental Package includes: 2-QSC K12, 1-QSC KSUB, speaker stands, and cables


1 Day Price: $220.00

The system includes TWO of the popular QSC K-12 1000 watt active loudpeakers with speaker stands and one QSC KSUB, a dual 12″ 1000 watt active subwoofer. The speakers and subwoofer have XLR and 1/4″ TRS, as well as stereo RCA input jacks.

Package includes:

(2) QSC K12 Powered Speakers
(2) Adjustable Height, Black Tripod Speaker Stands
(1) QSC KSUB Powered Subwoofer
- All necessary  power cords and audio cables are included at no charge; Please specify lengths.

Price listed is DAILY RATE (24hr Period)
Weekly rate (5 Days) = 4x Daily Rental Rates
Monthly Rate (28 Days) = 12x Daily Rental Rates