The Winter’s Tale (2010) The Old Globe

“Ethan Stone and Jonathan Spivey have noble bearing and strong language skills as the Sicilian noblemen Camillo and Antigonus, respectively.”

   -San Diego North County Times  (Winter’s Tale at The Old Globe)


The Winter’s Tale

by William Shakespeare

directed by Ray Chambers
November 7 – 14, 2010 / Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre

One of Shakespeare’s most intriguing romances, The Winter’s Tale seamlessly blends the comic and the tragic, the epic and the intimate.  From the savage tragedy of jealous Leontes in Sicilia, to the festive comedy of Perdita and Florizel in Bohemia, this dynamic play combines elements from each dramatic genre with Shakespeare’s most searing poetry and a thrilling exploration of the healing, redemptive power of time. Presented by The Old Globe/University of San Diego Graduate Theatre Program.


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